I’m SMILEing Cause I Have No Idea What’s Going On (Week 18 – 2015)

On Wednesday, I had my “schedule” (if you can call it that hehe) thrown off a bit and it left me rather “out of it” the rest of the day. It wasn’t that anything was really wrong, but everything just felt… weird. So, I decided to find some music that fit a ‘confusion’ theme – in one way or another. Enjoy!

Rihanna‘s Disturbia (lyrics) popped into my head first, and why not? It is a song about mental anguish after all, and the music video is nicely weird and creepy. Be warned though, some have said it gave them nightmares ><

Tears for Fears‘ Advice for the Young at Heart (lyrics) is next, and yes, I know it’s quite a 180 turn. But, that does kind of fit the theme doesn’t it? Keeping you on your toes and all hehe Anyways, this song deals with the confusion of life, particularly for newlyweds, yet it keeps things optimistic.

Another song focusing on the confusion of life is Taylor Swift‘s A Place in this World (lyrics). While this song isn’t one I would regularly listen to, I do like the lyrics, specifically the lines: “Even though I’m not the only one; Who feels the way I do; I’m alone, on my own, and that’s all I know”. I think that pretty much describes how everyone feels all the time, even if they don’t directly acknowledge it.


Now, I know my minor change up was just that, minor. But, what happens when things really start to go wrong? For that, I give you Waldo’s People‘s Lose Control (lyrics). The song deals with the spiral downwards, but the video shows there is still hope when you reach the bottom (although it showcases on a religious hope, you can take it however you like).

What songs leave you confused, or help you sort things out? Tell me in a comment below, and be sure to include any suggestions you may have for future SMILEs!

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