Does French Make You SMILE? (Week 22 – 2015)

This week I’m going to focus on music in French; please note that this does not mean all the songs/artists come directly from France, just that the lyrics are in the French language. Enjoy!

To start, here is Black M‘s Sur Ma Route (lyrics)(French). “On My Way” is a song about looking back at all the hard times while still moving forward. The music video features a fun mix of both famous movie mock-ups and behind-the-scenes for those mock-ups. It all has a bittersweet feeling to it; “look how far I have come.”

Amandine Bourgeois‘ L’Enfer Et Moi (lyrics)(French) is number two this week. “The Hell And Me” is a dark love letter for a troubled, but lustful relationship. The music video fits well with the song too, although I would recommend not watching it at work… just in case hehe Also, this song represented France in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest.

Up next is a song I particularly enjoy, Michael von der Heide‘s Il Pleut De L’Or (lyrics)(French). “It’s Raining Gold” is repeated for about half the song, but that’s ok, it’s a nice phrase ^.^ Keeping things simple, the song and video aren’t huge productions. I think that’s why I like it so much, it doesn’t have that grandiose nature a lot of American music does these days. In the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest, this song was the representative of Switzerland.

Another song from Eurovision, this time from 2014, is Twin Twin‘s Moustache (lyrics)(French). Now, when this song was announced as the song to represent France, a lot of people scoffed and called it a joke. But, while the music video might be a bit silly, the song does carry a strong message about how we need to stop getting so wrapped up in materialism and using it to ignore the problems of the world around us. Personally, this was one of my favorites of last year’s contest.

Lastly, Mitsou‘s Dis-moi, dis-moi (lyrics – best I could find, sorry!)(French) is a “classic” French song (at least to me anyways lol). “Tell me, tell me” is basically about a girl trying to figure out why a guy loves her when she clearly doesn’t love him back. This music video is definitely NSWF though and was banned from being aired on music channels unless it was “after hours” due to the heavy male and female nudity.

What are some French songs you like? Let me know in a comment, and be sure to include any suggestions you may have for future SMILEs!

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