Work that SMILE! (Week 23 – 2015)

Due to several factors, I can’t partake in much physical exercise; but, that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a good workout music video when I see one – especially when they’re completely silly and over the top! Enjoy! (Warning: lots of ass shots lol)

First up this week is Kanye West‘s The New Work Out Plan (lyrics). Who says rappers can’t be completely ridiculous? Obviously, this isn’t something that you would listen to on a regular bases, but adding some silliness to your workout playlist does make things more fun ^^

J.Y. Park‘s Who’s Your Mama? ft. Jessi (lyrics)(Korean) is a little more serious, but not by much. If you’re looking for a fun song to work your butt too, this is it. Oh JYP… (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

Moon Duo‘s Sleepwalker (sorry, I couldn’t find the lyrics for this one!) is a funky, new-agey song that knows how to make fun of itself. We should all remember not to take ourselves too seriously and that workouts can be fun!

Goldfrapp‘s Alive (lyrics) is a music video you just have to watch… really, it’s just… go watch it. What does the song have to do with the MV? Ummm… basically nothing haha

Yeah, sure, like Olivia Newton John‘s Physical (lyrics) wasn’t going to come up haha A lot of people know this music video, but not many picture it correctly when they remember it. It was definitely a spoof ahead of its time.

What are some of your favorite workout songs? Let me know in a comment, and be sure to include any suggestions you may have for future SMILEs!

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