Does Jazz Make You SMILE? (Week 32 – 2015)

Yay, finally caught up enough to address the SMILE topic I got a few weeks ago! The question was, “Is jazz still relevant?” Not being a big jazz person myself, I went in search of what other people have to say on the topic and came across this thread on Reddit. There are a lot of good points made there, so certainly check it out if you’re curious for talking points, but this post is for the music! Enjoy!

First up is the song that was suggested to me: Gregg Karukas‘ The Night Shift (instrumental). I found a live version of this for the video; he is just having such a good time, and the song is so smooth… it’s really hard to listen to something like this and not be relaxed.

Next up is another live video, here’s Robert Glasper‘s The Worst (instrumental). There’s something about watching musicians play… it can really amplify the feeling that the music itself is putting off. It makes everything feel that much more palpable.

Picking up the beat a little is Antibalas‘ Uprising (instrumental). This band started in the late 90’s, but wouldn’t be out of place at the height of the jazz era. I listened to a few of their songs before settling on this one; I highly recommend you check them out!

Ambrose Akinmusire‘s Confessions To My Unborn Daughter (instrumental) is the last song for this week. Aside from having a great name for a jazz musician, he definitely knows how to tell a story with his chosen instrument, the trumpet. Even at over eight minutes long, you barely notice because it’s just that captivating.

What are your favorite jazz songs? Let me know in a comment below, and be sure to include any suggestions you may have for future SMILES!

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