A SMILE Near The End (Week 50 – 2015)

Wow wow! 50 SMILEs! Only 2 more until the year is over! I’m surprised I’ve held out this long haha xD Anyways, since it’s nearing the end of the year, the music world is abuzz with all sorts of “best of 2015” lists. Since I very rarely listen to the radio, and am thus out of the loop on most mainstream songs, I decided to take a look at a few. Enjoy!

Tumblr posted their Top 20 Most Reblogged Songs (not sure how they even track that…) and I only recognized 5 (1, 4, 11, 12, 19)… well, 6 if you count knowing about Rihanna‘s Bitch Better Have My Money (lyrics) but never having actually heard the whole song. So, I took the time to listen to it now. While it’s not to my taste, I can definitely see why it became so popular. (Warning: video is NSFW.)

Fuse also did a 20 Best Songs of 2015 list, of which I only knew Big Bang‘s Loser at #16 (#18 was Rihanna’s song above). I did recognize several of the artists though, just not the particular songs listed, such as Little Mix‘s Black Magic (lyrics). Now, as a Pagan, I’m not exactly thrilled about the whole “magic” cliche bs in all this, but aside from that, they are a talented group of girls.

Taking a look at the List of Billboard Hot 100 top 10 singles in 2015, Fetty Wap‘s Trap Queen (lyrics) is in the lead with 25 weeks in the top ten (when you exclude any holdover songs from 2014). This was what they call a sleeper hit; it fit into it’s genre while still being broad enough to attract the general public – the music video fits that same vine as well. It’s still not something I would regularly listen to though xD

While not exactly an exclusively 2015 list, TheMusic25’s YouTube’s Most Viewed Music Videos (December 2015) showcases which videos have the most views to date. Because I know most of them, I skipped around until I found one I didn’t and landed on Wiz Khalifa‘s See You Again ft. Charlie Puth (lyrics) at an impressive #4 (btw, Psy’s Gangnam Style still leads by over 1.1 billion views!). Anyways, this is a nostalgia-driven song (no pun intended) and serves as a beautiful memorial piece for Paul Walker.

What were some of your favorite songs this year? Leave them in the comments below, and be sure to include any suggestions you may have for an upcoming SMILE!

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