Alice So Blue at RMK Gothic

Putting up with small, fast little bunnies and annoying ticket snipers can be frustrating, but the prizes for the Bunny Hunt at RMK Gothic are well worth it (official blog here)! Many of the stores included are well known for having stunning, quality items: Likka, World’s End Garden, and WTG to name a few. The hunt is a bit more involved than your typical “find object, go to next store” hunt but, with the prize redemption tickets transferable and many people willing to help out and trade, it shouldn’t take you too long to get all 19 (and perhaps a golden ticket as well which can be use at any store!).

The lovely dress I have on is the prize at #10 World’s End Garden. I just adore the ribbon collar! Top, skirt, collar, and stockings included. The nails are the new hunt prize (yes some have changed so don’t miss out!) from #02 WTG. They match the dress wonderfully but also look amazing alone! The lashes (which include the little heart!) and part of my make up (blush and blue eye shadow/black accents – rest is part of skin) are from #19 ni.ju and is my favorite prize from the hunt!


Speaking of my skin, I am wearing the Nelly skin from Noya which is gorgeous on its own but with the make up from ni.ju it is even more beautiful. It’s not free, but all of Noya’s products are well worth the money!! The shoes are from Vershe and are for the Fresh Unknown Hunt. They come in two different colors and have a hud for skin and accent colors. The shape I am using is my own creation, called ‘Nova,’ which is for sale in the marketplace (half off too!). And lastly, the hair. Oh I adore this hair! It’s the Cyber Doll Iced Blue hair from A&Y Bunker CyberCity and is a lucky board prize. I warn you though, those lucky boards take a long time to change! So why not hunt some bunnies while you wait…

Store Information:

ALICE another dress from WEG (#10 bunny hunt prize) –
Clunker shoes from Vershe (#03 Fresh Unknown hunt prize) 1L$ –
Ribbon-Alice Jeweled Nails from WTG  (#02 bunny hunt prize) –
Hime-yu Alice make up and lashes from Ni.ju (#19 bunny hunt prize) –

Cyber Doll Iced Blue hair from A&Y Bunker CyberCity –
Utopia Eyes Pale Mint+Gold from IKON – (previous group gift, no longer free)
Nelly skin from Noya 195L$ –
Nova shape from -*delogikal*- 100L$ (promo price!) –

Pose from aDORKable – (previous advent gift)

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