A Month of Things: ME! Part 2

Here is “week 2” of my “A Month of Things” Google+ posts.

Dec. 8th:
Continuing on from my last “A Month of Things”, here’s topic #8: I just like the idea of creating. Sometimes I think getting published and/or being famous would get in the way of that because you‘d have so many people from all directions just hounding you for what’s next. Plus you would have agents in your ear saying “well this is popular right now…” Blarg, I just want to create whenever and however I want. I don’t care if it’s a western story one day and a sci-fi art piece the next.

I always find it so interesting that, whenever a new movie or book comes out that gets really big, suddenly the shelves are overrun with movies/books with the same plotline/characters/setting/themes/etc. I know a lot of that is just jumping on the money bandwagon but some of it’s not and it just makes me wonder why anyone would want to use their creativity that way. Trends are pointless; if they had any staying power at all we wouldn’t call them trends.

People should just create and have fun with it. Who cares if no one likes it, creativity is not popularity. Just enjoy the act of creating something. Who knows, your random bit of creativity could become the next big thing 😛

Dec. 9th:
Since I am about to embark on a long project I am going to use that as my next topic in “A Month of Things”: I have lots of trouble with long projects. I get side tracked very easily by other projects and other things so it generally takes me a long time to finish something. I always start things with the full intention of getting it done, but my focus just never seems to work the way I want it too. I am sure a lot of people understand exactly what I mean.

I am fine with short term things and small projects, but the longer ones just lose steam after a while and they get harder and harder to finish because my brain just doesn’t care anymore. Yeah, my brain is all for short term gratification haha I do my best to finish everything but most of the time I need someone nagging at me to make sure I get things done in a timely manner. Finishing a novel might be a good thing but not when it takes you years to do it 😛

So! Here I stand at the beginning of updating my Mary Sue test essay and I give everyone permission to bug me until I get it done xD

Dec. 10th:
A short one for “A Month of Things” today, topic #10: I’m fine in my own backyard. I don’t need a grand vacation every year to “recharge my batteries.” I don’t need to see the “100 places to go before you die.” I am perfectly fine with taking a trip around the world right in my own backyard.

See a street sign that says “Bermuda”? Take a picture and have fun with it. Don’t waste time wishing you were actually in Bermuda. It just gets you down and makes you grumpy! Enjoy what you have, not what you wish you had. I certainly don’t know everything about my backyard so why would I want to go explore somewhere else when I can find something new to look at right here.

Dec. 11th:
“A Month of Things”topic #11: Zombies! Yes, zombies haha Why? Because zombies are the one and only monster that I can’t watch movies about before bed. I don’t know why but zombies have always gotten to me like no other monster has. Vampires? Meh. Ghosts? Meh. Werewolves? Meh. Giant anything? Meh. Murderous rednecks? Meh. Zombies… get it away xD

I am not scared of zombies in the sense that I can’t watch zombie flicks or that I would be utterly useless if there really was a zombie outbreak, I just don’t watch them before bed. They have a way of getting under my skin (pun intended hehe) and I already have enough problems falling asleep thank you very much! It’s annoying too because I love horror and I actually really love zombie movies (despite zombies being an idiotic monster – arms fall off at the slightest knock yet they have teeth of steel :P).

And, of course, Chris just loves to make me watch Walking Dead right before bed time xP Oh you crazy undead people, stay out of my dreams!

Dec. 12th:
In this round of “A Month of Things” lets do topic #12: a world without people. (If anyone hasn’t seen the documentary and tv series ‘Life After People’ I highly, highly recommend it.) This idea has been around in my family for a long while. My Grandfather first brought it up with me when I was much younger and I actually quite like the thought of a world without people, or at least a hell of a lot less people than there are now.

People try and argue that the world is just fine and that there are plenty of resources (and that there will continue to be) to sustain our current population plus many generations to come. I have called bullshit since I was a child and now even more so. I just can’t fathom how anyone can argue that the world is better off with us than without us. I think people are too into themselves as a race to think straight, sort of like how some Americans are so busy shouting ‘we’re the greatest nation on Earth’ to see how things really are.

Perhaps I am a bit morbid, but I think it would be a great day when some super virus wipes out 80% of the world’s population. Sure would get rid of a lot of stupid people xD And no, I wouldn’t have it where it’s only good if I survive. I may support the idea, but I am not somehow better than anyone else. I’m also not just saying this because I think the planet would be better off without us. While that is true in some ways, that’s not my only reason for wanting less people in the world. There’s just too many of us fuckers walking around causing too many problems 😛

Dec. 13th:
Topic #13 for “A Month of Things” is dirty work spaces. I cannot work in a dirty work environment. It just doesn’t happen. Before I can get started on anything for the day I have to straight the house and make the bed and do all that stuff so it doesn’t distract me. Granted, if I am just lounging all day and doing nothing productive it doesn’t bother me that much, but when I am trying to actually get something accomplished it’s very aggravating to see “something else I have to do.”

Getting the dishes and everything done first leaves my mind free of all those thoughts of “what else do I have to do” and lets me concentrate more on the task at hand. Being a visual and organized person, if my eyes see something is messy and out of place than I have to fix it or it will bug me until I do 😛 I wish I was one of those people who could work anywhere under any circumstances but I’m not. Clean and tidy for me or my brain refuses to cooperate!

Dec. 14th:
Woot made it to topic #14 in “A Month of Things”! This time around it’s about being a visual person, which I brought up in the last topic. This actually came up in my writing group a few weeks ago when Diana and I were talking about different writing software. She uses Power Structure which is a wonderful piece of software but is definitely geared more towards a person who is word oriented. I ended up picking Scrivener because it was more visual in its use of color coding and such.

I need colors, I need pictures… words on a page are alright but they take my brain longer. Kinesthetic learning would be my next step down, followed by audio. I learn by watching someone else do it and then attempting it myself rather than reading a manual or just having someone tell me how to do it. I never really did good in school in the later years (like middle school and beyond) because everything was just writing on a chalkboard and there wasn’t any visual like you had in elementary. “See this block, it’s green. Can you say green?” 😛 Reading textbooks was the death of my academic career.

I need lots of graphs and pictures and demonstrations to learn quickly and effectively. Sitting me down in front of a book and saying “read this for the test” just makes me cringe 😛

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