People’s Assumptions of Me…

It’s always interesting when you start hanging around new people (in my case starting a new job) because you get to re-experience all the assumptions other people have about you when they see you doing it for the first time. It’s like a refresher course on yourself that allows you to reevaluate things you probably haven’t thought about in a long while. Or, alternatively, it can just annoy the crap out of you when people are all “well it doesn’t work that way with me” etc etc. A few examples of instances that happened to me:

1. Penicillin Allergy – When your working around food there will be times that it gets moldy. Lovely, yes? Well for me, I have a severe penicillin allergy so I am allergic to the mold it comes from as well. I do my best to stay away from stuff like that and most people respect that I don’t want to get sick and die, however one of the managers at my new job is just so annoying when it comes to this. Whenever it comes up and I try and tell her “hey, I am deathly allergic to penicillin” (the one and only time I had a shot of penicillin as a child, took about 10 mins for my legs to become nice purpley-blood colored blobs of uselessness) she gets all huffy and goes “well so am I but it never bothered me.” Great, good for you, glad to see you have a death wish. Well I would prefer not to bleed out internal and clearly it is not the same for you so stop acting like it!

2. Donating Blood – I do this on a regular basis and I am happy to see that most customers know the needle mark on my arm is from donating blood and not, say, doing drugs 😛 However, it annoys me that the day after I gave blood, when I had to work (which was not very fun), everyone was telling me “oh you can take that band-aid off after an hour…” and “oh you did it yesterday, you'[re fine.” Firstly, the ladies who take my blood always say to leave it on for FIVE hours (I think I’ll trust the nurse when it comes to a wound that leads directly to a vein, thanks!). Secondly, doesn’t matter when I gave blood, we can’t have open wounds (even small ones) while working around food. Not only is it health code, but I wanna keep all that food stuff clear of me too 😛 Lastly, who the hell are these people to tell me that I should feel fine? I sure as hell wasn’t feeling that great (not that I was about to pass out or anything, just tired and such). I will judge my own wellness after donating a full pint of blood thank you very much.

3. Vitamins – My boyfriend is so annoyed that I spend so much money on vitamins and I can agree that they are annoyingly expensive, but they are necessary for me. I am not one of those vitamin/wellness freaks who thinks I can live forever if I just take the right variety of this or that extract, no way. However, I am a person who has a nice big problem with her thyroid and health and such. I make sure I get 100% of everything I need (which is about 10 pills) because I know my body doesn’t work right. Not only that, but I don’t eat enough to depend on my food intake to get the vitamins I need. It’s not that I don’t eat but that I have a very low appetite and usually only eat one or two meals worth of food a day (not to mention I am not much of a fruits and veggies person hehe). So I take a multivitamin and a few others because, contrary to popular belief, a multivitamin does not have everything you need or even the dosage you need. My boyfriend can bitch all he wants about the money but, for me, my being healthy and not feeling like crap all the time because I am low on this or that vital vitamin is worth every penny. Not to mention that my feeling better and not getting sick and what not means I can work more and bring in my own money to pay for things 😛

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6 Responses to People’s Assumptions of Me…

  1. serapikisu says:

    “well so am I but it never bothered me.” Your manager needs an ass kickin. What a complete idiot! I sometimes get that kind of reaction when I talk about my bee allergy. Can’t fix stupid.

  2. Geez I’ll take any excuse to wear a band-aid, especially if it has a cute print on it. 🙂 Seriously, how is a band-aid on your arm anyone’s business anyway?

    • novadestin says:

      Because the area that the store is in is basically self-centered, “I get whatever I want and can do anything I want” central. If they can stick their nose into something or weasel their way into paying less than they will do it 😛 Another girl who works there has a chemical burn on her arm and all the customers stare at her like she is a druggie because it

      kind of

      looks like needle marks… stupid people 😛

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