A Word to All Customers…

Not all pizza places are like Little Ceaser’s, not all sub places are like Subway. No, you cannot have it your god damn way and stop bitching at me just because you’re in the wrong fucking restaurant than the one you’re thinking about.

Why is this coming up? Because I work in a pizza/sub place and the customers in the surrounding area of this particular pizza/sub shop are all total spoiled assholes. They complain when we charge them for adding ten different items to a sub = WE’RE NOT SUBWAY!!! Extra items cost money idiot!!

But their favorite thing to complain about is when they come in to order a ‘Hot, Fresh, and Ready’ and its not ‘just coming out of the oven ready’. Let me explain the situation to you people… WE’RE NOT LITTLE CEASER’S!! We don’t have the space or heating capacity to keep 40 pizza’s sitting for hours on end until someone orders them. We keep a couple pizzas ready to go for only 45 mins. We don’t have space to do more and we don’t leave them sit out all damn day cause -surprise!- we actually want them to taste good. So yes sometimes we don’t have any “ready”. Say the 45 min time limit is up or the person in front of you just ordered the ones we had, sorry! Don’t fucking bitch at us that “well it says ‘ready'” just because of a bit of bad timing. We do our best, but sometimes it just fucking works out that way. Not to mention it takes 8 fucking mins to make a pizza. 8 mins… that’s it. Sit your ass down and stop complaining.

A non-food thing people love to complain about is when we won’t let them make changes to coupons. The coupon is for a pizza with one topping… NO I will not give you that price and just charge for another topping. It says right on the coupon no fucking changes. You don’t get a “special price” just cause you’re you and you certainly don’t get the right to complain to me about it just because you’re to dumb to read the coupon. (ALL coupons work this way people! Common sense!!)

Sorry but the customers at work have just been really annoying me lately. I mean honestly. Don’t these people know you don’t screw with the people making your food? I have been very tempted to mess up an order just because a customer was a dick but I am just to nice a person to do that (yet I know other employees who will do that!).

It’s just people with a huge sense of entitlement who think they should get everything when they want it, the way they want it, and for as little money as possible. The real world doesn’t work that way. So to everyone who reads this, be nice to the person behind the counter. Not only are they more likely to go out of their way to please you in return, but I guarantee that at least once customer before you has been a total ass and they need a friendly encounter.

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6 Responses to A Word to All Customers…

  1. laeryken says:

    oh man, i feel your fuckin pain

    • novadestin says:

      lol where do you work?

      • laeryken says:

        I work customer service for a very big and popular video game company.

        However, I’ve waited tables for 8 years. Coco’s (like Denny’s), Maracroni Grill (think upscale Olive Garden) and Red Robin (amazing burger joint).

        • novadestin says:

          I have never had to actually wait tables before cause the only food places I have worked have been pizza joints but I can imagine it sucks just as much.

          The funny thing about this though, is that the place I work at has been voted best pizza in the county two years in a row and yet these people who apparently voted us the best can only complain when they actually come into the store 😛

  2. The only food service I’ve done hasn’t been in an environment which was conductive to this kind of behavior (Canteen at hardcore concerts selling cold drinks and chocolate). I had to make large signs for pointing because there was simply no other way that anyone could communicate what they wanted. But I do know my fair share of idiots who feel entitled and it is one of my biggest pet peeves with people (Hypocrisy and people who feel entitled where they most certainly are not are the two personality traits I can’t stand). So urggg to them. I can imagine it’s particularly frustrating that no matter how obnoxious and uptight they get, you have to be all polite or you get in trouble.

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