wanderlust wan·der·lust [won-der-luhst]
a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about.

In doing genealogical research on the two main branches of my family tree, I found that most of my ancestors didn’t really like to wander; especially on my father’s side. Yet, there were some notable exceptions and all but one happen to be directly related to my paternal lineage. Had my parents not wandered, I would have been born in snowy Michigan. Had my great grandfather -Herman Koch- not wandered, my father’s family would still be living in Holy Toledo, Ohio. Neither of those compares to my 2nd great grandfather, Jacob Christof Koch, though. Had he not felt the grand wanderlust he did to break away from his family’s long held roots in Ziefen, Switzerland (along with two of his brothers), my mother’s side of the family (with long held Southern -as in Tennessee- roots) would have never meet up with them and come together. Basically, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for wanderlust.

On the other side of the family was my great grandmother, Vernon Reed, who wandered all over the US. And, without her wandering, my grandfather, my mother, and I really would not be here – but that’s a personal family story. As for me, I did not inherent their need to wander… well, at least not physically. Rather, my mind wanders all the time xD But that might come from being a writer too 🙂


6-poeticpurple-dayspaMy week 6 “Poetic Spa” entry for the Twisted Color Challenge. And, you get an extra image this week too!


Shape: Nova by -*delogikal*- – 100L
Skin: **NOYA** – Next Generation JASMIN Skin CLEAVAGE – 249L, part of complete avatar
Eyes: Shadowed Hazel Eyes – Store closed
Hair: A&A Alison Hair Mahogany – 1L
Eye Effects 1: AB Specular Highlight – Part of old hunt gift
Eye Effects 2: [Gauze] Smoldering Eyes – Glow (Tintable) – Part of old gift
Facelight 1: +Fallen Gods Inc+ Face Light WL (wear on nose or mouth) – Freebie
Facelight 2: alpha.tribe::: facelight – Group gift, free to join – Comes with several artsy complete avatars
Mask: Mask by EDS – Part of old gift
Outfit: [Wishbox] Wanderlust (Maroon) – 680L, the colors are off a bit in the pics because of the windlights and such, but I think it matches the swatch colors quite well
Earrings: ANYU Belly dance tribal style vintage brown Kuchi earring – 450L, part of complete outfit
Jewelry Set: +:+WTG+:+ **Autumn Leaf** set – Old gift
Pose 1: *.amato.* pose play01 – Old gift
Pose 2: : Picture This! : Model Stand 5 – 100L, Part of set
Location: HuMaNoiD

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