Product Review: Allkpopers Sweatshirt

Product: VIXX Hoodie Hongbin Hyuk Ken Leo N Ravi Sweater Hoody Pullover V.I.X.X. (Specifically: Regular, Large)

IMG_0011Price: Total with shipping was $19.58USD – Minus the shipping it’s less expensive than buying a sweatshirt at the mall, so I think it evens out.

Seller: Allkpopers I didn’t really have any communication with the seller, so I can’t say anything about that. The sale was very simple and fast.

Shipping: The product was shipped from China and took just under two weeks – pretty standard. I got my Ravi sweatshirt on Ravi’s birthday b(^_^)d 히히

Sizing: These are definitely Asian sizes. I ordered a large, but their large is basically a US medium (I am 5’6 and 150lbs to give you a better idea). I’m not complaining though because it still fits fine, just as a medium when I prefer my sweatshirts to be larger and baggy.

Quality: The quality is neither great nor subpar – it seems pretty basic for a decal sweatshirt to me. However, after just one standard wash (turning inside out, on delicate), I did notice some slight peeling on two of the decals (on Rovix and one of the bands on the lower right arm specifically). Cracking and peeling are pretty normal when it comes to clothes with decals, so for future reference: wash inside out (or hand wash) and always line-dry, also wear/wash it only as needed. Oh, and it is definitely a summer sweatshirt. It’s not thick, but they do offer a (more expensive) ‘winter’ style as well.

Would I buy from them again?: In general, I am happy with my purchase. Sure, the peeling and sizing was a bit disappointing, but overall I think the product and the seller are both good – it’s not like I was expecting something amazingly spectacular at that price after all. Unless you really want to save up and buy something of super top-notch quality, I think this shop will serve most Kpop fans well – so long as they are sure to properly care for their items! ^u^

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