A German SMILE (Week 8 – 2015)

Chris was getting a bit annoyed with my interest in Asian music, so I told him I would dedicate this SMILE to good and proper German music lol Enjoy!

Starting off with some classic Neue Deutsche Härte (New German Hardness), here’s Rammstein‘s Sonne (lyrics)(German). I not only love this song, but the music video shows a great twist on the Snow White tale.

Next up is Andreas Bourani‘s Auf Uns (lyrics)(German). ‘Here’s to us’ is this song’s message and it speaks of staying strong and celebrating life in every moment.

Mark Forster‘s Au Revoir ft Sido (lyrics)(German) is for the wanderer in all of us, and the music video showcases that sometimes you really just have to do whatever it takes to achieve your dreams.

Want some dance music? Try out Helene Fischer‘s Atemlos durch die Nacht (lyrics)(German). Just let this song’s message of celebrating your love take over and dance the night away! (For some reason, I couldn’t find the official music video, so here’s a live version!)

Speaking of love, here’s Tokio Hotel‘s Love Who Loves You Back (lyrics). This song is ALL about sexy time, but as the song’s title states, ‘love who loves you back’. (Note: this video is NSFW!)

And, to finish things off, let’s enjoy some proper German classical music. Here’s Beethoven‘s 5th Symphony! Everyone should have heard at least part of this by now, so I won’t waste time explaining it.

Do you know any German songs or artists? Leave a comment below and be sure to include an suggestions you might have for a future SMILE! ^.^

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