How Do You Say SMILE In Portuguese? (Week 48 – 2015)

Sorrir ^_^ I wanted to do another language theme this week, cause I think it’s good for people to experience music from different countries/cultures, so I randomly typed ‘Portuguese music’ into YouTube’s search and came across this “Easy Listening Portuguese Music Playlist“. Enjoy!

Sara Tavares‘ Ponto de Luz (lyrics – sorry, no English!) was the first on the playlist, so I naturally clicked it first. Glad I did too, this is a really nice song, very mellow. This is the kind of song you listen to while laying in the grass at the park on a nice day.

Next up is MESA‘s Luz Vaga (lyrics – sorry, no English!). This is a slow dance kind of song, the kind you would hear at a fancy cocktail bar or something – you know the kind, the one that calls itself a lounge instead of a bar ^.~

Madredeus‘ Ao Longe o Mar (lyrics) is up next and it’s completely different from the above. This playlist really has a nice variety ^^ This is more like an operatic piece, which makes sense since they’re a musical ensemble.

Last up is another track with a different taste, here’s Antonio Variacoes‘ Cancao Do Engate (lyrics – sorry, no English). This song has a 70s/80s sort of vibe to it for me. Wikipedia says he’s “widely recognized as one of the most innovative artists in the recent history of Portuguese popular music.” Interesting, makes him a good choice if you want to look into Portuguese music further!

Do you know any Portuguese music? Let me know in a comment below, and be sure to include any suggestions you may have for future SMILEs!

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