SMILE, It’s Your Birthday! (Week 44 – 2015)

The ‘Happy Birthday Song’ was recently released into the public domain, which is good because my niece’s birthday is on the 2nd (hence why this was posted a little late, sorry!). But, you can’t have a party with just one song, right? So, here’s a couple more birthday songs to add to the festivities. Enjoy!

Let’s start things off with a more traditional piece, here’s The Beatles’ Birthday (lyrics). There’s nothing really special about this song, except that it’s the freaking Beatles singing you happy birthday haha ^^ Continue reading

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SL: Make Believe

It’s getting colder out side, at least where I am. Pretty soon, snow will be covering the ground and a whole new year will be upon us. But, that doesn’t have to be the case in Second Life. I’ve been writing most of my life, so creating new worlds isn’t new to me, but Second Life allows me to actually visualize things in a way that just imagining it can’t. It might be cold outside, but my eyes believe I spent the day on some exotic beach. Whether you want a mini-vacation or to visit a wholly different world, Second Life can create whatever you can dream up! Continue reading

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SMILE for… Music? (Week 43 – 2015)

OK, I have recovered, time for a SMILE! This week’s topic is music… wait, aren’t all SMILEs about music? Yes, but this week I’m focusing on songs that are specifically about music rather than, say, songs about love or dance songs. Enjoy!

First up is a song and group very dear to my heart, here’s Kiss‘ God Gave Rock And Roll To You II (lyrics). This song was original performed by Argent in 1973 and was covered by Kiss in 1991 for the Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey soundtrack. This is one of those rare covers that far outshines the original, in my opinion anyways. There is a music video for this, but with Kiss, you have to listen live (plus the music video was done during their no make-up days so xP). It also made me happy to see little kids in this video cause, as a child, Kiss was my very first concert ^^ Continue reading

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I SMILE More Without You (Week 42 – 2015)

I did a SMILE before on songs dealing with breakups, but they were all more or less negative. So, this time, I want to focus on the positive! Enjoy!

First up is Sweet California‘s Comprende It’s Over (lyrics). This Spanish girl group, although this song is in English, makes it very clear the relationship is finished. This song wouldn’t be out of place on my stalkers list either. (Sorry the info link is in Spanish, it’s the best I could find!) Continue reading

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How Do You Say SMILE In Italian? (Week 41 – 2015)

I’ve done SMILE’s for other languages in the past, so this week I thought I would try a new one! So, sit back, relax, and eat some pasta because this week’s music is all about Italy! Enjoy!

To start things off, we have Baby K‘s Roma-Bangkok ft. Giusy Ferreri (lyrics)(Italian). I like the voices of these two, they fit nicely together, and they’re not the usual cute-girly voices I’m used to running into (maybe that’s an American thing…idk). I look forward to finding more songs by these two ^^ Continue reading

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SL: Love The Skin You’re In

The ever lovely Aмα Vღη Rღsє has been quite busy over at Stįx. As one of my favorite skin (and basically everything else hehe) creators, it always makes me happy when I get a chance to show off her creations! (I haven’t had a lot of time recently to do so though and that makes me a sad panda xP) But! This time I get to show off not one, not two or even three things, but FOURTEEN snazzy new things! Enjoy!

Continue reading

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How Has Your SMILE Aged? (Week 40 – 2015)

We’ve reached week 40! That’s a pretty big number, does it make you nervous? I’ve always been fascinated by people who get all picky about revealing their age, from the younger ones who want to be older to the older ones who want to be younger. Aging can be so wonderful for so many reasons, but it can also bring regret and uncertainty. This week’s SMILE is for songs that deal with such issues. Enjoy!

Starting off is a song I quite enjoy, Bowling for Soup‘s 1985 (lyrics). If you want a song dealing with the “what the hell happened?” aspect of aging, this is it. While I can’t relate to that feeling, being born in 1984, I can totally relate to the rest of it haha ^^;;; Continue reading

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SMILE for Soundtracks (Week 39 – 2015)

Soundtracks definitely don’t get enough love, so this week I’m going to focus on some of my favorite soundtrack singles. Enjoy!

First up is a song from the movie The Piano, here’s Michael Nyman‘s The Heart Asks Pleasure First (instrumental). I remember hearing this as a youngster and immediately falling in love with it. I love the movie to this day as well, and Anna Paquin is one of my favorite actresses. Continue reading

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Don’t SMILE at a Stalker (Week 38 – 2015)

Going off of last week’s topic, this week I’m going to focus on songs that deal with the darker side of things like fans… you know, those crazy, stalker types? Now, while these songs might not be directly linked to fans, the overall message is clear and they can be applied to them or any other similar situation. Enjoy!

First up, the reigning king of stalker songs, here’s The Police‘s Every Breath You Take (lyrics). With a song that starts off with “Every breath you take, every move you make, every bond you break, every step you take, I’ll be watching you” it’s easy to see why this song takes the crown. Continue reading

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A Delayed SMILE… for the Fans (Week 37 – 2015)

Sorry, for the delay everyone! So, what’s this week’s topic? Fans. Why? Because I started the day talking about the psycho fans in KPop known as sasaengs (trust me, avoid them at all costs!). But, not all fans are bad. They come in a vast array of colors just like everything else. So, this week I thought I would look at how artists and groups use their relationships with fans in their music. Enjoy!

Linkin Park‘s Breaking the Habit (lyrics) is up first. While the song’s lyrics might not make you think about fans, instead dealing with someone who has the tendency to do things that hurt him/herself physically and mentally, the intent of the song was to showcase how the group and the fans have helped each other. Mike Shinoda has said that the inspiration for the song came from the many fans who told the group how their music had helped them with things like depression, drugs, and trauma. The music video was fully animated and became very popular, winning the group the 2004 MTV VMA Viewer’s Choice Award. Continue reading

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